So Brian got tickets to see JJ Abrams' Star Trek (2009) at the Capetown Filmfest held at the Egyptian Theater. Big whoop, right? Oh yeah, a little-known actor by the name of Leonard Nimoy would also be in attendance.

Brian, Matt and I met up with Giancarlo at Kitchen 24 for dinner (or breakfast as it turned out for all but me).

Someone dedicated a restaurant to me.

A beautiful day in Hollywood.

I struck my best Star Trek pose while Brian and fellow BNATer Jamie Paisley did something creepier....

Zachary Quinto and JJ Abrams made a funny video to introduce the OG Spock.

After the movie man of the hour appeared for a Q&A.

Not only did he tell some fun stories...

...he also sang a little "Bilbo Baggins" after a bit of urging from the crowd.

Remember this?

Pure energy!