So Brian and I have been chaperoning Grad Nite for years, if, for nothing else, the free trip to Disneyland. So from 10 a.m. Friday to 3 a.m. Saturday we did it again.

It all started on June 11th at the Rosemead High School graduation.

The entire Senior Class was locked in on the commencement speakers.

Well, not all of them. *cough* Peter Lam *cough*

As name readers, the teachers were excited to be there. Good luck Class of 2015... you're gonna need it!

Then the real fun began on Friday, June 19th, as five buses pulled up to take 250 graduates to The Happiest Place on Earth.

I'm not sure who was more excited, us or them (hint: it was the guys with the free tickets).

Some of the chaperones on the other buses started checking in by group text: Marilyn Rojas, Eric Palmer and Michelle Ban formed a Pyramid of Coolness.

Maria Alfaro and Gilbert Adame thought they had won the Cutest Chaperone contest...

...but c'mon, you don't bring a knife to a cute fight, amiright?

Michelle then tried to step up the cute text game.

Brian had something to say to that.

As did I. (I think it's safe to say, she won....)

The buses dropped us off in the back lot of California Adventure.

Then we headed in.

The boys went one way...

...the girls went another.

Our first stop: The Fast Pass station at Space Mountain.

Then Small World, because that's how we roll.

No flash.

When your last name is a homophone for ejaculate, maybe you should think twice about using it to as your company's name. When you then sponsor a world famous children's ride, think thrice?

The perfect segue to Toontown.

Brian really wanted to hit the Roger Rabbit ride, which spins just less than the Teacups.

This made it difficult to get a picture of other cars.

And even our own.

Finally got Alex and Gilbert.

Cue the vomit.

On the way out Gilbert busted out his selfie stick.

But was shut down at the Matterhorn.

Just a few days later Disney amended its own rules to ban the selfie stick outright. Thanks, Gilbert.

No problem when your selfie game is as strong as mine.

Meanwhile the ladies (Michelle and Maria here) were adhering to society's gender role expectations and enjoyed the Little Mermaid ride.

Marilyn and Erica.

And Raquel and Guenoha aptly attired.

The boys did our testosterone thing on Thunder Mountain.

Or "Death Mountain" as I like to call it after the blunt force trauma death on the ride of a man in 2003.


Alex had to go to work for a while.

The ladies were somewhere else doing their thang.

It was lunchtime but I had other plans.

Rick and I hit the Carnation ice cream parlor.

Then we joined the guys for food.

Gilbert's selfie stick work is legit (as is Alex's eyebrow).

Now that we were fueled up it was time to jump back into the game (though not before Brendan got himself an ice cream cone, too).

The Disney Band was in full effect.

It was Fast Pass time.

Space Mountain, baby!

This is still my favorite ride at Disneyland.

Pure, unadulterated terror!

The girls were getting their crazy on with angled selfies.

Then we headed over to California Adventure because it was...


It's not a true Grad Nite without some swimming at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel.

Brendan, Gilbert and Rick headed for the slide.

Rick first.


Then Gilbert.

And Brendan (protecting the boys).

Feeling good.

Cool as a cucumber.

The girls finally showed up for 10 seconds, snapped a photo of a group of goofballs in the water...

...and got on with their bad selves!

Because the pool was not enough we headed to Splash Mountain, Fast Passes in hand, and proceeded to ride it shirtless with bow ties.

Sometimes your awesome Splash Mountain photo gets through the shadowy Disney censors, and sometimes it doesn't.

Did I say something about someone's "bad selves"?

So earlier in the day as I was powerwalking ahead of the group (because excuse me for trying to taste the very marrow of day) these guys were randomly offered four Fast Passes to the Radiator Springs Racers. But we had dinner plans so they paid it forward and gave them to another random group.

Thanks, guys, for first thinking about ditching me and Rick, then realizing there wasn't enough time to hit the Fast Pass window. Friends....

While in line for the Haunted Mansion, Gilbert got an e-mail informing him he had passed all three parts of the multiple subject CSET.

Gilbert Adame is going to be a teacher! That's why everyone looks so scared, not because of a bunch animatronic ghosts.

Keith Richardson finally met up with us that evening.

Just in time for dinner.

The Blue Bayou brought the group together for the first time that day.

Food has that effect.

Keith had just retired after an awesome career in the district. He will be sorely missed.

This is that moment when everyone was thinking, "I hope I brought enough money to pay for this meal. And it better be worth these prices." Or maybe that was just me.

We got to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean boats float by at the beginning of the ride.

The waitress took our photo first.

Then Gilbert's selfie stick was utilized.

This was a super fun Grad Nite group.

Gilbert made this later. Isn't he the sweetest thing?

We got to see a little bit of the new Main Street Electrical Parade.

Not as cool as the original...

...but still fun.

As we headed over to California Adventure for the Grad Nite festivities we stopped for another cool group shot.

So what is Grad Nite?

Wild decadence!

That's what!

We headed straight to Cars Land for the RS Racers only to find they were closed. Brian was unamused. Note: We would get on the ride later, so all's well that ends well.

But there was a lot more to Grad Nite.

Like California Screamin', an awesome roller coaster.


But the best part of our ride?


More ice cream, this time at Ghirardelli's.

We all went on Toy Story Mania where Michelle immediately started talking trash, saying she was hoping for a challenge because she dominates everybody on this ride.

Rick and Brian squared off.

As did Raquel and Guenoha.

Oh, and by the way, that's my score on the left. Sorry, Michelle.

We most definitely had to do Soaring Over California, if only because Keith had never been on it. And, yes, he LOVED it.

Later most of us went on Tower of Terror, though Guenoha and Marilyn opted out.

At the end of the night Gilbert and I booked over to World of Color.

This is always a great show.

The only downfall of the show is having to wade through a massive throng of kids as everyone heads to the buses.

Once we made sure we had all our students on the buses and were heading home, the group texts kicked into high gear. The funniest part was Alex's comments over the the ENTIRE day, asking people about a dragon. No one knew what he was talking about, thinking maybe he was making a inside joke we weren't privy to, but neither did we actually ask him what the hell he was going on about.

But Alex kept trolling.

Until Brian finally bit. And. It. Was. Legendary.

Even funnier was at that very moment, Brian's phone ran out of juice. It was if the ghost of Steve Jobs was ROTFL in his grave.

The rest of the conversation with the Quote of the Day.

And the Quote of the Day #2, which sums up the fun we had.

And finally, as the coda of Grad Nite 2015, there was this inexplicable photo from Brian of Keith's face on the body of Conan the Barbarian.

I have no words.