So Brian heard that Paleyfest was hosting a Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared renunion. Were we interested? Does Disco Suck? Is Carlos the Dwarf the baddest dude in the D&D universe? Yeah, we were in!

To prepare for the night I began building a robot costume. More on that in a moment....

In the meantime Sonnet had a new fort in which to play.

We met up at Brian's house. For Bill this was just another Saturday night.

Bill Crockwell is Lindsey Wagner is Jaime Sommers is the Bionic Woman.

Brian was ready.

Ditto for Timosa.

Once we parked it was time for me to suit up.

Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Jaime Sommers (the Bionic Woman) and Groucho Marx.

Or is it Charlie Chaplin?

Timosa is sooo high maintenance.

Ready to roll.

A screencap from the Freaks and Geeks episode "Tricks and Treats".

I hope no one eggs us.

The reactions in line ranged from amused, unamused, bemused, and "Whoa! Check at that sweet robot ass!"

Marquee shot!

I missed the shot of the bionic jump to the balcony.

I'm still bitter that Brian chose this over American Idol.

The view from original balcony seats.

We hung out in the lobby to get our money's worth from the costumes.

After hanging for a few minutes we decided the balony was too far from the stage.

So we hit up the dude with the headset and asked if there were any seats close to the front.

It turned out that there were empty seats but because some people were running late (welcome to L.A.) we were instructed to stand off to the side and wait. Beats the balcony.

Judd Apatow came out to inroduce the cast of Undeclared.

His intro.

Amy Poehler (Hillary).

Jason Segal (Eric).

Kyle Gass (Eugene).

Charlie Hunnam (Lloyd) was off skiing somewhere so he sent a video message.

The cast.


Seth Rogan (Ron).

Finally they found two seats which Bill and Brian selfishly snaked from Timosa and myself. Douchebags.

After the session Kyle Gass wandered by.

Seriously, though, this is the only guy I was hoping to get a picture with. We are all Tenacious D fans. We were hoping for just one cock pushup because, well, one is all ya need.

Meet Arnold The Vegan Freeman. That's all.

Judd Apatow's daughter introduced her father who then introduced the Freaks and Geeks cast.

Martin Starr (Bill Haverchuck).

John Francis Daley (Sam Weir).

Linda Cardellini (Lindsay Weir) looking hotter than ever.

Natasha Melnick (Cindy Sanders).

This was not the way I expected her to look.

Sarah Hagen (Millie Ketner). What kind of a world is it when Millie is hotter than Cindy?

James Franco (Daniel Desario) was in New York so he also sent a video message. This was shortly after the infamous Academy Awards debacle and he spoke this whole time while holding an iPad with Anne Hathaway on the screen.

Busy Phillips (Kim Kelly) was admittedly a bit tipsy.

It probably helped that she was sitting between Segal and Rogan.

Paul Feig, the creator of the show.

Samm Levine (Neil Schweiber) told some funny stories (sorry, I don't remember the details, but I laughed a lot).



The cast of Freaks and Geeks.

He's more Roman DeBeeres from Party Down than Bill Haverchuck.

After the show the cast signed autographs.

Hi Jason.

"Why yes, I am the Green Hornet."

Timosa found me in the sea of fans.

"Hell, yes, I'll sign your boobs."

I wonder how much of this stuff ends up on eBay.

We were just hoping to get a photo with our counterparts.

Still signing.

The best we could do was Paul Feig. He was a nice guy.

This was a long way from the balcony. Wait a minute, the balcony! Our pillow cases were still up there!

That was close. The clean-up staff had thrown them in the garbage, but an intrepid Brian made like Luke Skywalker yelling to C-3PO to stop Garbage Compactor 3263827 (that's right, Google it if you doubt me) in order to save his Star Wars pillowcase.

After the show Bill hit the iPhone to find some food.

Did someone say The Apple Pan?

Aww, yeah!

While we couldn't convince Bill to keep the wig on...

...he did, however, please us in other ways.