For my 31st birthday Jack took me to The Doors convention at the "Riot House" and then to see Wild Child at the Whiskey that night. We cruised around Hollywood and made a stop at one of Jim's many residences in and about L.A., the Alta Cienega Motel. We climbed the stairs and made our way to the infamous Room 32. The guy staying there was a fellow Jim fan and invited us inside.

I am a guide to the labyrinth
Come & See me
in the green hotel
I will be there after 9:30

I will show you the girl of the ghetto
I will show you the burning well
I will show you strange people
haunted, beast-like on
verge of evolution

-Fear the Lords who are
secret among us

One morning he awoke in a green hotel
With a strange creature groaning beside him.
Sweat oozed from its shiny skin.
Is everybody in?
Is everybody in?
Is everybody in?
The ceremony is about to begin.

Wake up!
You can't remember where it was.
Had this dream stopped?
The snake was pale gold glazed & shrunken.
We were afraid to touch it.
The sheets were hot dead prisons.
And she was beside me, old,
She's, no; young.
Her dark red hair.
The white soft skin.

Now, run to the mirror in the bathroom,
She's coming in here.
I can't live through each slow century
Of her moving.
I let my cheek slide down
The cool smooth tile
Feel the good cold stinging blood.
The smooth hissing snakes
Of rain...