When I moved into my condo in Monrovia I was forced to sell my Calvin & Hobbes bus due to a scarcity of parking. It was a blessing in disguise since it was a piece of junk. Yes, I did get thumbs-ups, honks and smiles whenever I drove it but it was on its last legs when I bought it so it was just as well. Ironically it was the sale of the condo that afforded me the opportunity to acquire another bus. I won a 1971 bay window off eBay for $810. And that's just what it was worth. Mike Tellez gave me a ride to Echo Park in order to pick up my treasure. Echo Park is right next to Dodger Stadium so it wasn't too far. Of course, for a VW bus sold on eBay I spoke too soon. I chose to take it on the freeway in an attempt to get it home as quickly as possible but only a couple of minutes into the trip it began smoking like Red Auerbach after a Celtics victory. Sure enough I had thrown a rod. I exited around Cal State L.A. and drove the roughly 10 miles home on the streets with Mike Tellez and a thick cloud of black smoke trailing me. About 300 yards from my house I ran out of gas and had to push it into my driveway (with the help of Mr. Muscles). Just another day in the world of the VW bus.

I wanted a bus that was mechanically immaculate so I had a brand new engine put in, a freeway flyer transmission (for those trips to the beach) new shocks, and new tie rod ends. Then I had the body work done, the top painted eggshell white and the body a gray primer.

Because I had painted Calvin & Hobbes on my last bus I wanted this one to be different yet still reflect something I was passionate about. Since Coleridge was also fanatical about Star Wars I chose scenes from the Clone Wars animated series.

More pictures of the Clone Wars Bus